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The VERANDA EXPERIENCE products are built by a network of local craftsmen located throughout the United States. These craftsmen are avid woodworkers who work out of their individual workshops to provide you the highest quality, handcrafted outdoor furniture available

If only you could be sitting in an Adirondack patio and garden furniture right now. You would be incredibly comfortable as you notice the subtle, yet distinctive aroma of the Western Red Cedar, the only wood worthy of producing this quality wood furniture. You don’t have to worry about the wood getting too hot in sunlight, and since it is highly resistant to outdoor elements, the beauty of your furniture will last so you can always enjoy the experience.

To call this “America’s Finest Handcrafted Wooden Furniture” is a bold claim; but we can do this because the people who make it are skilled woodworkers from across the country, and they have combined their knowledge and experience to make it the absolute best. Your wood furniture order is custom made by someone with a passion for woodworking. In addition, the skill of all the other woodworkers has gone into making the best possible design.

When you buy Veranda Experience wood patio and garden furniture, you are getting all the benefits of extensive research and development, yet all the quality and beauty of a hand-crafted product. Because we have network of skilled woodworkers throughout the USA, your order will be produced by someone in your area using our precise specifications.

You may not be sitting in one of our products right now, but you soon could be. If you were sitting in Veranda Experience wood furniture, you would not need any convincing. The quality and comfort would be all the persuasion you need. Please don’t hesitate to contact us since one of our dealers in your area could show you the product. Enjoy your shopping experience on this site while you look over the design choices.

The Veranda Experience

  • Handmade, high quality furniture made by a network of artisans and craftsman throughout the United States.
  • Real furniture, made out real wood, and locally made.
  • Extensive research and development that resulted in over 15 years in the market with the most comfortable product design with the best quality.
  • Our artisans use only top quality materials to match the superior design:
    • Made with real wood: Western Red Cedar full 1” thick.
    • Stainless steel hardware and weather proof glue.

Network of Artisans

Over 200 artisans around the country